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How it works

Linguistic revision not only helps optimize the quality of the texts in terms of spelling, grammar, and syntax; it also helps ensure the clarity and accuracy of the message.

Our revisers—who have perfectly mastered the French language—ensure that each piece of information is expressed with the right words and that the style of the text is pleasant to read for the target audience while preserving the style specific to the author and the terminology of the field. They also ensure the consistency of all your messages, hunt down any spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, and—if applicable—correct the punctuation.

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Details and rates

As soon as we have the elements needed to draw up an estimate, we communicate the price of the projects that you wish to assign to us. We wait for your approval before starting our work.

Our text revision rates are based on several criteria, particularly the quality of the original text, the word count, and the field to which it relates, as well as the format of the document to be submitted and the work required to do a quality job (documentary and terminological research, ensuring conformity with reference documents, discussions with the client during the work, etc.).

The price also depends on the deadline for completing the revision work and the type of document to be handled. We apply a minimum charge for revisions of short texts.


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