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Because translation cannot abide any approximation, the translators specializing in technical fields from our translation agency use a specific vocabulary perfectly suited to properly transposing the information contained in the original text.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the field in question, the terminology specific to it in French and English, and the two cultures and the stylistic differences between them, we understand the subtleties of the message and know how to translate it with the right words.

You can assign your texts to us for technical translation in the fields of the environment, sports and leisure, medicine, education, international development, marketing, public administration… and the list goes on! We deliver faithful translations that rigorously and accurately convey the information contained in the source document.

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Details and rates

Before starting the work and to prevent any surprises, we send you a quote for approval. Several criteria are involved in establishing our technical translation rates, particularly the volume of work assigned, the field in question, the format of the document to be submitted, and the work required to successfully complete the mission (documentary and terminological research, expert consultation, creating a lexicon specific to the client in word processing or spreadsheet format, ensuring that the translation conforms to reference documents, discussions with the client during the work, proofreading of the translation by a third party, etc.).

A minimum charge is applied to short texts. Prices also vary according to the delivery deadline of the translation and the type of document to be handled.


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