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How it works

Contrary to conventional wisdom, providing general translation service isn’t a task suited to anyone who can speak a foreign language correctly. It requires a perfect mastery of both languages as well as both cultures to ensure the reliability and readability of the translation.

Our translators are avid readers, follow the news, and are extremely rigorous. They know how to take just what they need from the original text to clearly and naturally transpose the text in the target language while faithfully conveying the message and spirit of the source language. In addition, they use terminology suited to the context, the field, and the audience to whom the text is addressing.

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Details and rates

To ensure perfect transparency in our billing, our Montreal-based translation service communicates the price of the projects that you wish to assign to us before starting the work. Our rates are expressed per source word—in other words, we rely on the number of words contained in the original document.

For general translations, our rate schedule takes the volume of the task assigned into account, as well as the different work required to accomplish it: terminological research, maintaining the layout, ensuring that the translation conforms to reference documents, creating a lexicon specific to the client in word processing or spreadsheet format, discussions with the client during the work, proofreading of the translation by a third party, etc.

Furthermore, depending on the deadline specified and the type of document to be handled (PowerPoint presentation, PDF), the rates may vary.


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